Kids can travel too !

Having a kid and traveling around the world. For most people these two notions don’t seem to match together. Granted, a baby will definitely impact your mindset and way of traveling, but it shouldn’t be the end of your wanderlust…

Darian, our son, was born in France in December 2016. 40 days after his birth, we were on a plane to Mexico, on a continent that we had never been before. Flash forward 2 years later, we visited a total of 16 countries together, in an on-going journey that saw us overlanding from Bogotá to Rio de Janeiro, hitchhiking in Argentina, Uruguay, Croatia, Taiwan, South Korea & Japan, hiking the Cordillera Blanca in Peru up to 4.500 meters high.

This section will include articles on how we managed to overcome many challenges inherent to traveling with a baby, the most incredible stories of our journey, unbelievable encounters and answers to the most frequently asked questions by our readers. Our goal ? To show you that having a kid is not the end, but only the start of a new beginning.


We're only getting started...

More coming soon... Stay Tuned !

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